11 April 2008

Knee replacement surgery

knee replacement surgery

In October, our staff had the opportunity to interview one of our international patients from Bahrain, Mrs.Badriya Talib Ali Mohd, 57 years old, which came to Vibhavadi Hospital for the knee replacement surgery. Below is the content of the interview before Mrs. Badriya’s departure

: Please tell me what you feel or the symptoms before coming for treatment at Vibhavadi Hospital.

Mrs.Badriya: I have a terrible pain of my both knees for 6 months and my doctor advised me to have the knee replacement as treatment.

: You told us that you contacted other hospital in Bangkok but why did you choose Vibhavadi Hospital.

Mrs.Badriya: Vibhavadi Hospital (International Coordinator) response to my needs very quick and the costs of treatment is reasonable.

: What is your reaction when the doctor in Bahrain told you to have the knee replacement, Are you afraid?

Mrs.Badriya: No, what I want only is the pain will go away.

: When did you arrive to the hospital and when did the surgery happen?

Mrs.Badriya: We arrived to the hospital on October 8, 2007. On October 9 pre – operative procedure was performed followed by surgery the following day, October 10, 2007

: How do you feel after the surgery?

Mrs.Badriya: The pain is still there but not much.

: How was the hospital’s service and facilities?

Mrs.Badriya: It’s good; everybody was helpful and always smiling.

: What do you want to tell to those who have problem like you?

Mrs.Badriya: I want to tell to those having knee problem that don’t be afraid to have the surgery because at Vibhavadi Hospital there is Dr. Werayudth who is professional and kind to his patient.

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