14 May 2008

The Laser Tooth Whitening Bangkok

The Laser Tooth Whitening Bangkok
"Gentle, Safe, Fast and Effective in just 1 visit"

Experience the world class laser tooth whitening laser tooth whitening dentists at Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic.

Laser Teeth Whitening
Recent independent clinical studies showed average whitening results of 9 shades*
24 minutes of total treatment time vs. 60 minutes for leading non-laser systems — just four minutes of actual laser activation . LaserSmile Whitening Gel maximizes whitening effectiveness through advanced chemistry and laser-activated chromophores
Better Return On Investment due to shorter chair time and low per-patient kit costs

* The Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry VOLUME 19: Number 2: 70-73

Cosmetic Dentistry VOLUME

Source by: Bangkok Smile Dental

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