28 June 2008

Hip Replacement Surgery gets affordable

A total hip procedure costs £7000 to £9000 in UKBut a hip replacement surgery in India costs £3,700 or lessPlus, you get treated by world-renowned doctors in internationally accredited hospitals. Your package could even include a short vacation in scenic Indian backwaters. Medical tourism for orthopedics is catching up big time in countries like India, Singapore, Thailand and Philippines. And affordable costs are just one of the myriad reasons for it.Hip arthritis is a painful condition caused by the friction in the ball and socket joint between the thigh and pelvis bone. This occurs due to the wear and tear on the cartilage lining over the years. Patients with this type of arthritis are unable to sleep at night because of the pain and get little or no relief from pain medications. Patients also experience difficulty walking up or down stairs. In short, the quality of life goes down as patients no longer enjoy simple pleasures like walking.

Source By: AsiasMedicalTourism

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