24 June 2008

Hospitals in India

hospital in indai
India has several private hospitals that are designed to provide world-class medical care in India. These hospitals utilize some of the best medical equipment that is available world-wide. A specific example of such a hospital is one located in Mumbai, which has been designed per guidelines from the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, to ensure that they meet rigorous international standards. This hospital focuses on patient safety and comfort and has been designed in such a way that will minimize the risk of infection. Travel India Company has carefully evaluated and selected only those hospitals that meet very high international standards to be a part of our network. Travel India Company has a special tie up with KG Hospitals which is multi-specialty and super-specialty hospital. This is one of major hospital in our network of hospitals across India. We also have doctors at various private clinics and hospitals who are part of our team helping patients from across the globe in this endeavor call medical tourism in India.

Source By : Medical Tourism India

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