28 June 2008

LASIK - Asia eyes for more medical tourists

The inflow of medical tourists to countries like India, Singapore, Philippines and Thailand is at an all time high. And these travelers are choosing these Asian destinations for procedures like the LASIK. The abundance of accredited medical facilities, qualified health care professionals and the affordability factor play a key role in promoting this trend.LASIK or Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis is a 30-minute healthcare procedure used to treat vision problems due to nearsightedness. LASIK is a very popular vision correction procedure and involves making a surgical incision in the cornea. The patient is given numbing drops, after which a suction ring is placed over the eye. The surgeon cuts a small flap in the center of the cornea using a knife called a microkeratome and folds this back to create an opening. The laser is then directed inside the eye, vaporizing the tissue and reshaping the cornea for accurate focusing. The lasering actually lasts about just 30-60 seconds only. The flap is then replaced. The healing process is a lot faster in LASIK. This procedure reduces a person%u2019s dependency on glasses and contact lenses and thereby improves the quality of life.

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