30 June 2008

The latest in Asia

The latest in AsiaMedical science is forever changing, and changing for the better. Newer methods that guarantee more efficacy are being invented on a huge scale and any nation that hopes to attract medical tourists simply has to be proficient and technologically adept at all times.

MEDICAL TRAVEL Singapore approached Dr Andrew Khoo, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Aesthetic & Reconstructive Centre (a member of the Pacific Healthcare group of healthcare institutions in Singapore).

Dr Khoo explained the many new techniques in the field of invasive as well as non-invasive aesthetic enhancement .The most recent invasive therapy to hit the market is VASER Liposelection that betters liposuction by reducing any damages done to important tissues, nerves or blood vessels during the process; it also gives optimal recovery and efficient results. “Liposuction has been made more effective, particularly in the more difficult to treat areas like the buttock, thigh, chest and back by the advent of VASER liposelection,” says Dr Khoo. “This is a technique where ultrasound energy is used to dissolve the fat prior to liposuction allowing more efficient removal of fat with less discomfort to the patient.” Another novel way of invasive treatment is the use of ratcheted threads, which are threads with tiny hooks on them. “These allow us to achieve facelifts, brow lifts and neck lifts without resorting to extensive surgery,” says Dr Khoo.

Source By: medicaltravel.com.sg

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