16 June 2008

There are two categories of health tourism:

There are two categories of health tourism

1. Medical Tourism - Medical tourism includes minor surgery and regular health checkups like dental care, eye surgery, and minor cosmetic check-ups. It’s the destination that is the first choice and while there on holiday tourists prefer to receive such minor treatments. Medical tourism is a niche market and health and wellness holidays are steadily growing into a high value business, with the average cost of a trip well in excess of the holiday market norms. This market is fueled by those looking to break out the pressures of long working hours and what some operators see as an urge to retreat from the debilitating effects of the consumer society.

2. Medical Travel - Medical travel it is for the complete available treatment of major health issues, such as a hip replacement, kidney transplant or open heart surgery, which is the deciding factor. This is what they call elective surgery and it is the quality of care that counts. The excellent medical facility, expert and experienced surgeons, along with state of the art modern medical facilities with latest technology instruments, that too at very cheaper costs, if compared to the treatment charges in U.S. or U.K.

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jeffbot said...

In reality, you could break medical travel and tourism into far more categories.

Dental tourism alone accounts for hundreds of thousands of patients going out of the United States, mostly to Mexico but also to Costa Rica and the Far East.

Check out "The Bridge" blog for expert perspective on medical travel. We'd love to have you participate.

Ted said...

I disagree with jeffbot. This is because you can just give it a different name, but what the post says are two different purposes why people get treated abroad. Several experts even use medical tourism, health treatment and medical travel synonymously. You can get more information from http://www.valuemedicare.com

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