29 July 2008

Hip Replacement Surgery

A hip pain severely affects one’s ability to lead a life actively. Over the last few years, there have been major advancements in hip replacement improving the surgery outcome greatly. Total hip replacement is a treatment to all kinds of hip arthritis, improving thequality of life of patients who undergo the operation. There are two major types of artificial hip replacements - Cemented Prosthesis and the Uncemented Prosthesis. Both types of prosthesis are widely used.

Each prosthesis is made up of two parts

  • The acetabular component, or socket portion, which replaces the acetabulum.
  • The femoral component or stem portion, which replaces te femoral head.

    The femoral component is made of a metal stem with a metal ball on the end. Some prosthesis have a metal head on upper end attached to the metal stem. The acetabular component is a metal shell with a plastic inner liner that acts like a bearing. The type of plastic used is highly cross linked ultra high molecule weight Polyethylene which is wear resistant.

  • Source BY :Center for Joint Replacements, Wockhardt Hospitals India

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