24 July 2008

Hip Resurfacing in INDIA (Cost Savings )

Hip Resurfacing is anatomically and biomechanically more similar to the natural hip joint resulting in increased stability, flexibility and range of motion. Further, dislocation risk is virtually eliminated. Higher activity levels are typically achieved with less risk. These benefits are realized because the head diameter that results from Resurfacing is very similar to the patient's normal head diameter and these larger head sizes are typically much larger than the femoral balls utilized in conventional THR.

Advantages of Hip Resurfacing :

  1. Allows the patient to squat and sit on the floor safely
  2. Allows a normal range of movement and sporting activities after operation
  3. Sacrifices only the diseased bone and preserves normal bone
  4. Restores the normal structures of the hip
  5. More natural feel after surgery
  6. Early rehabilitation
  7. Easy to revise if needed
  8. Less risk of dislocation
  9. No leg length alteration

While significant cost differences exist between India and the USA, UK and other developed countries,

the quality of medical treatment is definitely the determining factor.

India not only provides affordable medical treatment but also provides quality medical services

and world-class infrastructure that are at par with advanced countries.

Hip Resurfacing - One Side (Not Available in US ) Surgery Charges – $8,000 All prices are indicative and may vary depending upon the exchange rate at the time of admission to the hospital.

Source By :recoverdiscove.com


Jenho said...

me too. how did you find my blog?

ldeng said...

Many people who are uninsured or under insured are seeking other countries such as India in order to find affordable high quality care. Another motivator for medical travel is to have procedures done that either aren't approved in the U.S. like two-level cervical disk replacement (whereas only single-level is approved in the US) or procedures that were just recently approved (like Hip Resurfacing - approved in the US only in 2006) where US surgeons don't have anywhere near the experience of their counterparts in certain countries.

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