24 August 2008

Top cardiothoracic surgeon of Bangkok THAILAND

Dr. AromDr. Kitipan V. Arom is the Director and top cardiothoracic surgeon of the prestigious Bangkok Heart Hospital. His nearly 50 years of experience in the medical world started with an M.D. degree from Thailand’s Mahidol University, followed by an internship at the University of Kentucky Medical Center.

While in the U.S., Dr. Arom started what was to become a long-standing relation with the University of Minnesota. Initial activity as a resident surgeon there was followed by a Fellowship in Cardiology/Pediatric Cardiology under the advising of Dr. James Mohler. This was followed by Fellowships in Cardiac Pathology and Research and Experimental Surgery, the latter as part of the Ph.D. program. With prestigious advisors such as Dr. Jesse Edwards and Dr. Aldo Castaneda, these Fellowships paved the way for a Ph.D., also obtained at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Arom is also a Diplomate in both the American Board of Thoracic Surgery and the American Board of General Surgery.

Dr. Arom’s professional experience commenced with positions as cardiothoracic surgeon in the University of Minnesota Hospital and the University of Texas Health Sciences Center. These were followed by appointments as Chief Cardiothoracic Surgeon in several hospitals in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, such as the Minneapolis Heart Institute, St. Paul Heart & Lung Center, St. Joseph Hospital and John Nasseff Heart Hospital.

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