21 August 2008

Singapore Night Safari

When Night Safari was inaugurated in Singapore in 1994, it was the first of its kind in the world. The overwhelming popularity of the night tours conducted at the zoo gave impetus to the concept of Night Safari. Nestled in a 40 hectare expanse, the park closely resembles the natural habitat of the animals in the park and is a home to over 1000 animals belonging to around 100 different species. 90% of tropical animals are nocturnal and most active after dusk and it is hence a good idea to catch up with the nocturnal activities of these animals during night. The Safari Park is lit by subtle moonglow lighting to enable the visitors to view the animals.

The Safari Park has been divided into 8 distinctive zones and you can explore the Park either by walking or by taking a tram. The tram ride takes you through the East and West loop passing by a large reservoir and weaving through selected habitats designed specially to replicate the natural environment from the Himalayan Foothills to the Southeast Asian Rainforest and Indian Subcontinent. The walking trials include the Fishing Cat, Forest Giants and Leopard Trail. The Fishing Cat Trails houses fishing cats, barking deer, gharials, ferocious leopard cat, small clawed otters and the Malaysian flying fox which is the largest bat in the world. The Leopard Trail houses leopards, loris, tarsiers and owls. In the Mangrove Trail, one can see various kinds of flying bats. The Forest Giants Trail is a walk through the rainforests where you can spot fling lemurs, bats and snakes. This trail is a botanical display of awesome forest giants, some of which have been there for over hundred years. The exhibits are visible from 41 foot when you choose to walk and from a height of 18 feet if you choose to use the tram

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julian said...

bring my kid to the night safari last year during Halloween period and it was quite fun my kid enjoying it.

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