17 November 2008

Koh Samui, Thailand have medical and dental vacation

Koh Samui, Thailand is a well long-stay vacation to overseas tourists. Overseas tourists can also add more valuable trip by medical and dental vacation along. A group of cosmetic surgeons and dental specialists warm welcome medical tourists from abroad with their well results and cost effective planning. Advanced technology and well equipped facilities are also available for your medical and dental vacation at Koh Samui.

Source By : MedAsia Healthcare , Picture By:Emerald Of Thoughts


Ronald said...

hi, ty for the visit...great post..ur really consistent with medical tourism

Dental Tourism said...

I like very much your blog.This is nice collection and references information.

Medicare Beauty said...

Nice one.

Thailand facelift surgeons said...

Respected and internationally well-known plastic surgeons in Thailand assisting in any type of procedures at the lowest cost.


sunshine said...

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