13 November 2008

Phuket offers MORE than Sun, Sand, and Sea.

Combine health and holiday aspects of travel and enjoy great savings in time and money.

Phuket, in Southern Thailand, is world famous as THE tourist destination. Its natural beauty and variety of holiday facilities attract millions of visitors each year. Its glorious beaches, tropical climate, delicious cuisine and friendly people are an unforgettable experience for all who visit her welcoming shores. But Phuket is much more than just a holiday island. It is a center of international commerce, a hub for the development of the entire Andaman region as well as a center of higher education and fast becoming a medical holiday destination.

Source By : phuket-health-travel.com

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diTesco said...

Sometimes I need to release myself of the daily stress and do need some well deserved vacations. I have never been to Phuket but after seeing this mind boggling picture, I will definitely include this place on my list and learn more about it. Wondefull color of the sea...

BTW, thanks for the support on NetAwards.

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