11 April 2009

Surgical specialist breast implanted in INDIA

Dr. VD Singh had his further training in plastic surgery and did superspecialization MCh under Professor RS Thind, former president of the Association of Plastic Surgeons of India and amongst the senior teachers in the country.
Dr. VD Singh has successfully performed more than five thousand operations during his surgical carrier spanning over twenty years.

Incharge, Plastic Surgery wing, General Hospital, Chandigarh.
Incharge, Department of Plastic Surgery, State Paedriatics Hospital, Bhatinda.
Registrar, Department of Plastic Surgery, Govt. State Medical College & Rajindera Hospital, Patiala.
Surgical specialist VM Civil Hospital, Jalandhar.

.Source By :plasticsurgerychandigarh.com Picture By: plasticsurgerychandigarh.com


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Health Advocate said...

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