05 September 2009

Botox alternatives

These groups are the main alternatives to the Botox:

Officials of filling or of that he is contained in fat person
injections, colageno, Gore-Tex and fibrils

• Facial Peel with acids and laser

• surgical procedures, before, of the ace and collo the

Injectable fillers can temporary fill up the wrinkles and eliminate
l'm aspect improvement, making it to appear more young person, soft and full of energy. These substances can be applied also for the lips and cheeks thus full as they appear. Of these mines they are soft parts can be used in combination with other methods, facelift , laser treatment ,with chemical laser and peeling.

Official cloggings iniettabile injection colageno filler colageno, that it comes used in fashion. A small injection comes carried out through a distance and this that is colageno fills up a fold of the skin, without Canada. The result are permanent. Un' other used mine in order to correct the lines that give colageno bovine 75% and 25% microbeds plexiglass. This product non-authorized from the FDA. These filling materials of the wrinkles and the skin with a juvenile aspect. The result can contain till 3 months. This turn mine wide is used in order to remove the lines of smoker or matita lips. Last injection approved of from the called FDA Restylane. This product does not contain by-products of animal origin hialurónico acid.

This substance comes iniettata to supply the volume and fullness to the skin. Restylane is natural filler cosmetic for the wrinkles and the diseases of the skin, than it cannot be transmitted from the animals will be transferred. The result of these products the double quantity of injections colageno - for six months. Fat-injection procedimiento often comes used in order to eliminate the wrinkles more. These result are not like durable good, like the result of the surgical procedure. Even if the producers support that the result of a pair of months or also an average year, is a lot characterizes them and some persons can be disappointed if the result scompaiono in little weeks. The doctors suggest that l' he was of along effects of along term can depend l' age, the genetics, the quality of the skin and style of life. Botox alternatives risks and the complications When a doctor with experience, inietta the filler, the complicanze are much rare, but still possible. The risk of complications depends from the physiological characteristics of natural and the anatomical ones of an individual. The result of the iniettabile treatment with cloggings cannot be previewed. Thus its doctor a test of allergy of the skin is that one to see if it is allergic or less. The test land must be carefully observed for 3 or 4 weeks.

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