30 December 2009

General Health Check Up in India

Many common and life-threatening conditions can be treated successfully if detected early. Many leading hospitals in India have health check-up programs that screen every part of the body meticulously and professionally.

A proper health check-up scans your bio-history, interprets signals and provides the General Health Check in Indiaopportunity for the proverbial "stitch in time". A heart check-up constituting of echocardiography, consultation by a senior cardiologist , blood test and general test can be done at any of the leading cardiac hospitals or private clinics.
General Health Check-ups and Test:

A comprehensive health check-up contains the following tests:

* Doctor consultation and full medical examination

* Blood test     

* Complete Haemogram (hb, TLC, DLC, ESR, Haematocrit and Peripheral Smear)

* Blood Group (ABO, RH)

* Blood Sugar

* Blood Urea

* Serum Uric acid

* Serum Creatinine

* Lipid Profile

* Urine and Faces Examination

* X-Ray Chest PA


* Exercise Stress Test (TMT)

* Stress Screening by Psychologist

* Eye Examination

* Gynecologist Consultation and Pap Smear Test

* Post Check-up consultation

* Optional Tests

Some additional tests may be advised by your doctor, which may include:CT Scan in India

* Pulmonary Function Tests

* Ultrasound Screening for the Abdomen

Medical Products Online Professional Ultrasound Systems - AC Adapter 240/110 Volt International/Universal Adapter

* ENT Examination
ENT Diagnostic Kit - 3.25V Otoscope, Ophthalmoscope, E.N.T Diagnostic Kit

* Screening for Liver Disease

* Screening for Thyroid Disease

* Hepatitis B Screening to Assess Immunity and for Detection of Carriers

* A test for AIDS can also be requested

* Screening for Kidney Disease

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