10 January 2010

Heart Surgery in India

We offer a complete package of surgical treatment in India for specialized healthcare sectors. This is a Stethoscope heart Surgery Indiasurgical package, which includes domiciliary hospitalization and stay in India, in patient care, post operative medical consultancy with complete healthcare advice.
Heart Surgery and Procedures


We offer the following:

    * Beating Heart Surgery
    * Open Heart Surgery
    * Angiographies
    * Angioplasties
    * Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
    * Pediatric Intervention
    * Cardiology Robotic Surgery
    * Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery
    * Peripheral Vascular Surgery
    * Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting
    * Aortic Aneurysm Surgery
    * Arrhythmia Surgery
    * Pediatric Surgery
    * Valve Surgery
    * PDA
    * ASD
    * VSD
    * TOF
    * Repair of Adult Coarctation
    * Redo Tetralogy
    * DTGA

Open Heart Surgery India

The most invasive procedure is Open Heart Surgery. If diet and exercise are not effective in treating heart disease, medication is usually prescribed. If the heart disease still persists in causing pain, an invasive procedure is usually performed. There are several types of procedures that may be used to improve blood supply to the heart.

Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery

Another possibility is a coronary artery bypass graft surgery. A surgeon takes a healthy blood vessel from another part of the body (usually the leg or inside the chest wall) and uses it to construct a detour around the blocked coronary artery. One end of the vessel is grafted (attached) right below the blockage while the other end is grafted right above the blockage. As a result, blood can flow to the heart muscle again. In a double bypass surgery, two grafts are performed. In a triple bypass, three grafts. In a quadruple, four grafts.

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