08 March 2010

India is the Favorable Destination in the World

Medical Tourism: India is the Favorable Destination in the World
The concept of Medical Tourism India refers to visit by overseas patients for medical treatment and relaxation.

The opportunities in Indian healthcare sector in medical infrastructure and technology are just as good as those in the West.
/24-7PressRelease/ - New Delhi, India, July 28, 2006 - As Indian healthcare sector develops, a new term has been coined called 'Medical Tourism', which is the process of people from all corners of the world visiting India to seek medical and relaxation treatments. The most common treatments sought are heart surgery, knee transplant, cosmetic surgery and dental care.

According to research reports on Indian Healthcare sector, the medical tourism market is valued to be worth over $310 million with foreign patients coming by 100,000 every year, and the market is predicted to grow to $2 billion by 2012.
Medical tourists choose India as their favorable destination because of the key opportunities in Indian healthcare sector in the form of efficient infrastructures and technology. The health insurance market and National medical systems here are well developed, which is convenient for visitors from the West and the Middle East. They also find the hospital expenses very affordable.
RNCOS in its market research report, "Opportunities in Indian Healthcare Sector" finds that 120,000 overseas patients came to India in 2005 for medical treatment and this is expected to expand by 30%. The healthcare industry overview shows that the medical infrastructure and technology in this country is in par with those in USA, UK and Europe. India can vie with some of its best hospitals and treatment centers in the world, and therefore make it a favorable destination.

The market research report addresses the following critical issues and facts:

* The merging trends in the Indian health care sector

* The key regulations and policy environment in the healthcare industry

* The future scenario of the healthcare market in India

* The key players in the health care market in India

* The opportunities that exist for the healthcare market

* The challenges faced by the Indian healthcare industry

* Other economic factors affecting the Indian health care market

RNCOS' report is based on extensive research that provides objective analysis of India's healthcare sector performance. The report would be helpful for clients in analyzing the opportunities prevailing and critical for the growth of this market. It will also help investors who can refer to the detailed data and analysis on the changing dynamics of the healthcare industry
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