22 April 2010

Where to get a complete medical check up in Thailand

  Today I visited the hospital essentially for a health check up, and for peace of mind. Having lived in a “first-world” country for more than 20 years and visited hospitals outside of my country a little, I was unsure what to expect.
Nothing could have prepared me for the health checkup I received. The standard, speed and delivery of care and service health checkup was unprecedented; this was beyond exceptional. 

The surroundings in the hospital are impeccably clean, the atmosphere and ambience of the hospital exudes cutting-edge treatment and health check up.
I felt more like a travelling dignitary in a 5-class hotel than a simple patient in a hospital. This Health CheckUp Hospital disgraces any hospital I have ever

visited in any country.

The informant, who requested anonymity since the source was not authorized to speak about the matter, said the President was scheduled to undergo augmentation mammoplasty at the Asian Hospital and Health CheckUp after undergoing self-quarantine following her 13-day visits from influenza-
infected countries, including the former British colony of Hong Kong, Brazil, Colombia, United States and Japan.
The new Health CheckUp  Center at Bumrungrad hospital is one of the largest physical health checkup centers in the region providing world class service to over 30,000 people each year.The Center Health CheckUp matches specially trained Preventive Medicine physicians with the extensive diagnostic facilities of Bumrungrad hospital

International. Patients can either select from an extensive list of health screening packages or a health checkup program can be custom designed in consultation with one of BI's physicians.Computerized reports and digitized x-rays are produced for every health check up.


    - Thorough physical examinations    Patient history assessments,
    - Internationally certified laboratory testing,
    - including tumor markers
    - Comprehensive imaging services,
    - Radiology & fluoroscopy
    - Color flow ultrasonography & vascular imaging, Mammography
    - 1.5 Tesla MRI & spiral CT scanning, Nuclear medicine
    - Bone densitometry & body fat % and distribution calculation,
    - Cardiac assessments at the Heart Center
    - Consultations with board certified cardiologists, EKG & 24-hour Holter monitoring
    - Exercise stress testing, Echocardiography
    - Nuclear cardiology, Gynecology consultations at the Women's Center
    - PAP smears with "Thin Prep" accuracy, Mammography & breast exams
    - Eye exams at the Eye Center, Refraction
    - Glaucoma testing, Dental exams at the Dental Center
    - Pulmonary function testing at the Allergy Center, Robin Alastair Hails

Read more about what causes eye infection at Bumrungrad International 

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