19 July 2010

300 patient beds in Turkey Hospitals

General hospital services are offered here at Sisli Florence Nightingale Hospital, in 300 patient beds.

 Centers of Excellence structured in Sisli Florence Nightingale are;

 * Center for Cardiology and Cardiovasvular Surgery - Angiography and Rhythm Disorders
 * Center for Orthopedics & Istanbul Center for Spine Surgery
 * Center for Organ Transplantation ( Liver, Kidney, Pancreas )
 * Istanbul Center for Robotic Surgery ( Cardiovascular Surgery )
 * Stroke Center
 * Center for Ambidextrous and Reconstructive Surgery

 Sisli Florence Nightingale Hospital familiar in 1989 whereas the headmost hospital of Turkish Cardiology Foundation hold back a capacity of 50 beds. The whole, post around 250 open affection surgeries were made annually at the rise, currently operates because the largest private hospital of our country, location around 2500 affection surgeries and 3500 general surgeries are realized successfully each date. Our hospital continues its operations in intact specialties successfully, particularly in cardiovascular diseases also orthopedics.

 Having grow into a heavenly body - illustrious medical center protect the distinguished operations real realized, Specific Sisli Florence Nightingale Hospital is closely monitored by the tops medical circles of Europe again America. Normal Sisli Florence Nightingale Hospital is single of the few institutions, which combines expound - of - the - art, 3 Tesla MRI, Multislice Computer Tomography, 4 angiography, whopping butterfly system medical technologies camouflage a immense and experienced side and the? b>excellent service way? adopted in all of its operations, having implemented innovations, which are now accepted because norms in medical industry, for the numero uno instance and leading the health uneasiness sector.

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