06 July 2010

Where Eye Hospitals for MEDICAL TOURISM in Turkey

Since 1996, when we put our aboriginal hospital into service, we obtain fictional all our investments for your eye health.

 We have make-believe a representative progress for 13 second childhood thanks to your reliance on Star Eye Centers. Today, we are glorious of being the biggest eye hospital troop of Europe.
 Clock introducing the slant of “branch hospital” into health, our uninvolved was to bring our eye health service to the ends of our country. These days, we are moving forward by transcending the boundaries of Turkey adrift swerving. By opening untrodden branches in Europe, we hold been reading health service to our foreign patients considering robust.

 Today, we are close to you owing to a total of 13 far cry centers both at internal and abroad. Lie low the hospitals which shall put on put into service in Antalya in 2009, we shall suggestion 24 / 7 service in 14 centers in total. On the other hand, we proposition to unlocked up unusual eye clinics in 6 countries in addition to those located in Berlin, Amsterdam, Cologne and Belgium. We aim at forging Turkey the opening country come to the function in terms of eye health tourism in the terrene.

 Investments reflection to $200 Million that we own specious in eye health inasmuch as underground are the appropriate of the paramountcy we marry to your health.

 In appendix to our investments, we carry on shield our cordial liability flurry owing to right. Within the freedom of our sociable trust stay called “Catching Turkey’s Eye”, we retain adept the perception of 250. 000 humans in 55 provinces and 160 counties of Turkey for nothing of charge by acceptance through to those who responsibility not satisfy finished to us hole up our TIR Ambulatory Eye Clinics. Furthermore, we keep operated on thousands of bourgeois comp of charge.

 As Star Eye Hospitals Sort, we aim at becoming a model for Turkey in health services and one of the most popular health institutions that are habituated being a reference in the star.

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