08 February 2011

6 Tip to choose a Medical Travel Firms

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With all of those medical travel firms out there, how are you able to differentiate between the reputable firms that have done their due diligence concerning their network partners and who have a proven account of putting their patients’ 1st, and therefore the fly-by-the-night firms trying to form a fast buck off of you?

Here are some key points to appear at when considering that medical travel company to medical tourism:

1.Transparent pricing for medical travel– Before you sign any commitment, you must receive a close account of the worth you'll expect to pay. Some firms break down the worth, thus you recognize what proportion every side of your medical journey can value. Others lump it all into a package worth. but they worth it, you must remember of specifically what prices are lined. Most reputable firms can at the minimum cowl the subsequent within the worth they charge you:
  • Transmittal of your medical records to the surgeon for review

  • Assistance in arranging any passports or visas would like (although the fee to accumulate these documents will usually be extra)
  • Procedure worth (inclusive of doctors’ fees, hospital fees, and medications related to surgery)
  • Hospital space and 3 meals every day for you and a companion for a specified range of days once surgery -Flight arrangements
  • Hotel prices
  • Transportation to and from the airport
  • Transportation to and from the hospital for pre- and post-operative care
You may conjointly pay additional for extra amenities like a telephone, however this could be clearly stated in your contract.

2.Communication together with your surgeon for medical travel– an honest medical travel company ought to give you a free conference decision with a surgeon before you've got created any money obligation to travel. This edges you by letting you discuss the various treatment plans obtainable primarily based on your condition. you may be able to verify whether or not you are feeling comfy with the surgeon and with the surgeon’s medical philosophy.

Some medical tourism firms would force a particular degree of commitment before scheduling the conference decision. MedTrava, as an example, prefers to own patients submit any medical records they need and fill out a medical analysis type. this permits the surgeon to review your records and to direct his comments specifically tailored to your case, creating the decision way more valuable for you.
Having a conference decision with a prospective surgeon doesn't indicate any obligation on your finish. With a reputable medical travel company, if you are doing not feel comfy with the surgeon you must be able to raise for a conference decision with a special surgeon, or if you decide on to hunt care elsewhere you'll request the come back or destruction of your medical records. Complimentary conference calls are a service provided by sensible medical tourism firms to assist you-the patient-feel comfy concerning your call to travel abroad for medical care.

3.References for medical travel: additionally to fixing a decision with a surgeon, your medical tourism facilitator ought to provide to place you in-tuned with one in every of their former patients. Not solely can it reassure you that the corporate has successfully organized medical tourism packages before, however it'll provide you with a first-hand account of what to expect from your overseas surgery.

4.Money-back guarantee for medical travel– If at any purpose throughout your medical travel journey for medical travel- before truly having the surgery - you choose to not undergo your planned surgery, an honest medical travel facilitator can refund you all of the cash you've got paid, aside from the expenses you've got already incurred (airfare, hotel, etc.) Your medical tourism company ought to have enough religion within the doctors and hospitals in their network that they ought to be willing to supply you this guarantee. It’s in our greatest interest to form certain our patients come back home glad – although which means permitting you the choice of bowing out of surgery if you don’t feel comfy.

5.In-country patient care manager for medical travel– one in every of the advantages of employing a medical travel company for your overseas surgery is that the reassurance that you simply can have somebody to place confidence in for any problems or queries you've got. All medical travel facilitators can have a patient care manager to answer your queries and assist you out before you go off on your journey. however you must select a corporation which will give you a patient care manager within the country you’re traveling to. That way, you’ll have a point-of-contact, somebody you already recognize in your destination country. If you ever have any communication problems, you'll offer them a decision and raise them to translate and advocate for you, and that they ought to conjointly visit you within the hospital to envision up on you.

6.Post-operative care for medical travel– Some medical tourism firms contemplate their job done once you’ve came to your home country once surgery abroad. The distinguishing issue of a very sensible medical travel company is one that guarantees to follow up with you once you’ve came and who can assist you the maximum amount as doable with any queries or problems you've got afterwards.

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