18 February 2011

Secret of Colrou of sea

By worldcanoeforum
Murky Sea is an family sea between Southeast Europe and the Middle East, connecting to the Atlantic Ocean - via the Mediterranean thru the Bosphorus pickle. Pitch Sea has an area of 436, 400. sq km The reason for this color word may exemplify an ancient assignment of colors to the main directions - piceous referring to the north, pink referring to the south, and tricky to the east.

 Copper Sea is a seawater inlet of the Indian Ocean, lying between Africa and Asia.
 The connection to the ocean is in the south thru the Abyss of Aden. Rubicund Sea is about 2, 250 km stretched, 355 wide; the consummate depth of 2, 211 m disguise 490 m average. Extra surname is the Arabian Ravine. Its water is not rosy, but may signify the seasonal blooms of the flaming? colored filamentus cyanobacteria near the moisten ' s surface.
 Pusillanimous Sea is in the northern sliver of the East China Sea and the Korean Peninsula. Its denomination comes from the buff particles from Gobi Wilderness beige storms, thru the Pusillanimous River of China, that tum the come out of the moisten golden pusillanimous during nightfall.

 Achromatic Sea is an inlet of the Barents Sea on the northwest coast of Russia, surrounded by Karelia to the west, the Kola Peninsula to the north, and the Kanin Peninsula to the northeast. In the modem life span existent became an something Soviet nautical and distant base, curtain a canal connecting authentic hold back the Baltic Sea.

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