22 February 2011

What Should Patients Know Safety for Medical Travel

The common question asked concerning medical tourism is whether or not or not it's safe. what's patient safety? How do i gauge whether or not or not policies, procedures and techniques offered during a kind of medical travel fields are safe?Patients traveling across borders ought to take the time to analysis and perceive the capabilities and quality of foreign physicians, surgeons and medical travel facilities.
Quality medical travel establishments are certified or accredited by domestic accrediting organizations or by international accreditation organizations like the JCI, WHO, Trent Accreditation theme, the Australian ACHSI, or Quality Health New Zealand, simply to call some. In addition to knowing whether or not or not a facility or physician is certified or accredited, international medical travelers ought to conjointly raise a range of basic queries concerning patient safety and care in any destination. The yankee Medical Association recently offered pointers for medical tourism that embody factors such as:
  •  Choosing facilities that are accredited by recognized international accrediting bodies
  •  Follow-up care ought to be organized before departure to make sure continuity of care
  • International patients ought to have access to physician licensure, accreditation of facilities, further as information or data concerning outcomes of procedures or techniques performed by a selected surgeon or hospital
  • Transfer and sharing of patient medical travel records ought to coincide with HIPAA pointersSeeking international medical travel may be a personal call that each individual should build on their own. However, any foreign facility ought to supply individual rights, management of knowledge, quality leadership, infection management measures, and access to further as continuity of care, no matter procedure or destination.



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