15 November 2011

2 Techniques Nose Surgery done is a Thing of Beauty

Nose surgery can help change undesirable properties their Nose and change facial appearance.
The nose is the center of a person's face, it seems that more.Prominent eye-catcher, when people look at you. A beautiful form The nose may help the harmony of the face and a better search Person, and completely change the look of the face. unfortunately some People, especially Asian, born with a flat nose. but,luckily have stuck with it for life.

Rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as "the nose", was introduced more 100 years. Rhinoplasty is a nose job, which helps restructure to correct deformities or make subtle aesthetic changes for cosmetic purposes.In most cases of rhinoplasty performed on Asian patients,the bridge the nose is raised and reduced the width of the nose and the intersection of Nose, without laugh narrows. It 'clear where the operation, the error rate is measured in Millimeters, the surgeon must have a thorough knowledge of nasal anatomy and basic surgical procedures.

Rhinoplasty is the most common nasal increased with the insertion of silicone implants, which is available in three textures: medium hard and soft. The nose is solid silicone hydroxyapatite artificial bone to help the silicone composition of natural bone. Incisions are made inside the nostrils. In some cases, the surgeon can be strengthen to form a small piece of cartilage or bone from the patient or increase the structure of the nose.

There are two ways to perform a Nose surgery:

  1. Open Nose surgery techniques:The technique involves an incision in the open air colummella, small skin between the nostrils. One of the main advantages of this technique is the ability to see the internal structures of the perfect nose, and put the seams right where you may be required. With this type of rhinoplasty, the swelling takes much longer to calm down and some tissues may be unnecessarily interrupted. The scar is usually quite small and disappears quickly.
  2. Cosed Nose surgery technique :The closed technique does not require an external incision, heals more quickly and destroy the fabric as much as the open technique.

Rhinoplasty should wait until after the adolescent growth phase, which occurs in the mid-teens. This growth period is usually 14 to 15 years for girls and a little 'later for boys and the nose is usually fully developed by 16 years. When you are done with the growth spurt during puberty - which is always high when you stop - it's nice to have a nose job.

Nose surgery can not be performed as a day case, that means you can have Nose surgery and return home the same day. Pain, bruising and swelling, some to expect after Nose surgery and there may be some minor bleeding for a day or two. Alloplastic synthetic materials are often associated with long-term complications such as migration and extrusion.

Swelling, residents mostly around the eyes and the nose is very noticeable fading at first, but starts on the third day and should be largely resolved within two weeks. Some minor swelling remained until six months later, and assessed the long-term and final results of rhinoplasty and the estimate of about one year after surgery.

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Kristy Martin said...

In a month or so I will have my nose surgery by Dr. Jerome Edelstein. All my life I was unsatisfied of its shape and now I'm decided to do something. I'm sure that it will be helpful... I want to be more confident... now I'm not, and it's very annoying! :(

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