19 November 2011

Ancient Surgeries Lead To Modern day Rhinoplasty

Nose Surgery
Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure for the reconstruction of the nose or improved. There are many reasons why the procedure and many different ways to make it work. We believe that these operations of a modern idea, but its roots and the many techniques derived from the ancient world.

Nose surgery before the record was recorded by physicians Sushruta in 800 BC. And 'his work to repair damage from religious and military sanctions. Development of a forehead flap rhinoplasty is still used to repair the trauma of the nose.

No changes were made around 300 AD, when real medical Oribasius described a new surgical procedure to help the victims of diseases in the Roman Empire. His new techniques allowed the reconstruction of the face without distortion of facial skin needs to be done. Instead, it would remove the skin and the blood supply of a non-exposed part of the body.

Middle Ages in the world of rhinoplasty, including part of western culture with the doctor called Anglo-Saxon Leechbook maintenance soon. The manual describes the techniques for repair of Asian and other forms of cleft lip nose surgery. Up to 11 Asian Century Techniques have also been translated into Arabic.

In the 16 Century, published a professor of surgery and anatomy at the University of Bologna, called Gasparo Tagliacozzi his new technique to correct a nose flap pedicle of the biceps. It was the first time the muscles have been used in a reconstruction.

Thanks to improvements in the 18 Century Indian skin flap techniques have developed considerably. Noses have been rebuilt more natural and there was less anxiety on the front, where tissue is removed. This was an adaptation of the nose formed with a wax done to ensure a proper fit.

Johann Friedrich Dieffenbach was the first surgeon to a patient before surgery of the nose numb. The technology of the new century Colonial end 19 allows the surgeon to reduce their time to take in order to perfect their techniques and fine detail. In 1887, the first intranasal rhinoplasty or closed in the United States developed by John Orlando Roe. The new method is a revolutionary approach for repair of birth defects

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