25 November 2011

How can you Prepare for Nose Surgery

Rarely will a person who is completely satisfied with the shape and size of the Nose Surgery. There are also many people who have acquired a misshapen nose, because he suffered from several accidents. 

More fortunate are those who are born with defects to prevent, to breathe in the nose. If you experience any of these problems happen, all is not lost, as you might consider the nose, otherwise known as rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty is a relatively simple procedure that is performed on millions of cosmetic patients in the United States each year. But you should be sufficiently informed about the operation before it informs the final decision. Here are some tips on how to prepare for rhinoplasty.

Plan your rhinoplasty well, you get the best result from it. They must communicate clearly with your doctor about your expectations for surgery. After analyzing the structure of the nose and face, rhinoplasty surgeons can set different options before you. Discuss each option carefully with your doctor. There are several factors that can influence the results. The most important of these factors are the bare bone structure of the nose and the structure of cartilage, skin type and your age. The wait is another important factor that influenced the process and its outcome.

It should be clear about the type of anesthesia used, and use technology. I am also on the cost of rhinoplasty and equipment used in the clinic to ask. Rhinoplasty is usually not covered by insurance. But if the procedure is performed to correct a breathing problem, then the costs will be covered by insurance. It 'so important that your insurance company to contact you prior to surgery.

During the planning phase, you must also inform the work of Surgeon Rhinoplasty nasal nose or any previous injuries you have. Even your doctor if you have allergies or respiratory problems nasal. Do not forget to keep you informed about medications or vitamins or other drugs currently in use.

After agreeing to and the doctor, the date of the rhinoplasty, the doctor will develop specific instructions on how the operation. The statement provides guidelines for eating and drinking, smoking or avoid taking certain vitamins and medications. There are also special instructions for washing your face. You must follow the set statement.

Another important aspect of preparation is to be with someone who can arrange to go home after surgery. It would be even better if you can ask someone to come and stay with you for a few days after surgery.

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