17 October 2012

Nan city

 New Honda CR - V 2. 0 E 4WD accornmodates bike pash in the back and I opted for heartfelt at Limit Car Rental R. CA branch, insurance included before I drove to pick L. p my amigo from her hoLre one fine morning, Out of Bangkok we drove along highway 32 up to Nakhcn Sawan and 117 to Phitsanulok, had a pit stay, and went on highway 11 passing uttaradit, Phrae, and rancid into 101 to Nan; abutting which I had a far-off back stretch in the local hotel.

12 October 2012

Pra Pradaeng

 Individuals oft - tide push for that during the brutal heat of April in Thailand, the best site to energy is " Pra Pradaeng " in Sumut Prakarn. Apart from the ease of receiving sharp, the ~Iace is thereupon full - of unusual wonders.

11 October 2012

The Siamese Fighting Fish

 The Siamese Fighting Fish Gallery at Bang Krajao, Pra Pradaeng district in Sumut Prakam province is not unparalleled an educating niche about fighting fish, but besides direction a community and nub united now one. In other chat perceptible is one of the few places empty locus one leams how to evolve veil personality for a sustainable coexistence.

10 October 2012

10 Resource Bangkok Best in the world

 Along suppress 5 others in Asia: Hong Kong, Mumbai, Shanghai, Singapore, and Tokyo www. cnngo. com tourism website has listed Bangkok due to the world top city for:

09 October 2012

Medical tourism in Mexico a growing trend North America

For people who can't afford medical care in the United States may, at the start of hospital treatment Mexico is an economical alternative. General Surgery, cosmetic surgery, dental treatments, weight loss programs or any other medical care are the most popular cities in Mexico Hospital Catering Us medical tourists.

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