09 November 2012

9 Guidelines Medical Tourism To Offering Incentives

When traveling to another country for a medical procedure that the American Medical Association, not surprisingly, is not involved in the process.  AMA, in short, is a coalition of health professionals whose mission is to shape the future of medicine and working on issues of public and health professionals.

 AMA is a big part of why America can buy the best medical care for the money. Not everyone can be the price, though, and so the AMA, the wise choice of birthplaces of debate on medical tourism.

9 Guidelines Medical Tourism To Offering Incentives
9 Guidelines Medical Tourism To Offering Incentives

The debate is the best thing, as "best practice" will be addressed in an industry still growing collection.Time travel Medical (or tourism) was an adventure of fats. A miser or embark on an eccentric millionaire would take upon him or her in a medical hospital, to find and book the trip itself. This has led to very unpleasant and very predictable. Those who knew the target, drugs and hospitals were often thin.

Adventurous, those who do not have these qualities too often met with the fate of many adventurers. Fortunately, things have changed since then.In recent years, several companies have emerged to fill what was a sideline for travel agents. The niche in the company medical tourism facilitators and was born just in time. Medical travel agency brings a lot of different names, coordinate medical care, travel, doctor-patient communication and monitoring of patients who travel across national boundaries and, more rarely, in the United States. Perhaps because of this new industry and growth of medical value travel, she suggests that AMA has issued the following guidelines for a medical trip. They are the AMA's voluntary - and very sensible - guide to companies facilitating or offering incentives for medical tourism.

1. Care outside the United States must be voluntary.

2. Financial incentives should be to travel outside of the United States for medical treatment does not limit or restrict the possibilities for diagnosis, treatment and referral.

3. Ensure that institutions recognized by accreditation bodies such as Joint Commissions International were allowed to be limited.

4  Before you travel should follow local organised to ensure continuity of care when patients returning from medical care outside the United States.

5 The coverage should include costs for the necessary follow-up in the United States.

6 Patients should be informed of their rights and the remedies available to travel before they are adopted.

7 Your login and licensing on the results of doctors, and the installation and certification of results data should be organized.

8 The transfer of medical data and structures outside the United States should HIPAA regulations.

9 Choose patients outside the United States for medical treatment should go to information about potential risks of combining surgery with long flights and vacation activities are provided.

While medical travel agent who is unable to satisfy these principles must be avoided. Whatever are hidden, you can be sure there are no potential medical benefits.


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I would love to volunteer for a company like this some time. I think that everyone deserves to be taken care of. When people in other countries are suffering and aren't able to find treatment it makes me sad.
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