14 July 2013

7 Billion Siriraj Medical Hub Thailand

Defending Siriraj 7,000 million on "Medical Hub" in Thailand on April 26 under the title "Siriraj Hospital, Chulalongkorn Mercy" 300 bed private hospital that serves patients, but the treatment was. than Nonprofit.

The treatment of intractable complex.Siriraj Hospital,Chulalongkorn Mercy announced that Siriraj Hospital is a hospital SiPH or initials of the new Faculty of Medicine. A project to develop Siriraj Medical

Excellence in Southeast Asia. The medical services that meet international standards. The patient has been serving as the convenient services of private hospitals this year, will open officially on April 26, with a preliminary estimate of 30 percent for patients with heart disease. and bone disease before the 19th day of March, this will have to move patients from Siriraj Hospital Center for treatment of heart disease before the next year is open to percent. 50 and will be open to the full in three years with a budget of 7,000 million baht, a medical device is about 2,000 million baht.


Assoc inventor said Chulalongkorn Siriraj Hospital is Mercy Medical hub of the country. A comprehensive treatment centers like Center for Internal Medicine. Surgical.

Heart Center Cancer Center Radiation Treatment Center. Center for Diagnostic Radiology. Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease Center dialysis center focused on serving patients with complex and difficult. Thailand, especially people who can not pay medical bills. But it does not block the Gentiles to be treated. The case of a foreign account may be set by the Executive Committee, as the proportion of patients hospital foreigners may not exceed 20 percent for medical expenses must be more expensive than a regular course.

But will gain no more than 10 to 12 percent and are considered to be reasonable. Expected to provide some services may be cheaper or more expensive private In addition, some of the services. No, but a private hospital here. For income from operations will return to the Board of Medicine. For patients and support the activities of the Faculty of Medicine.

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